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About Us

Accounting Services in Sofia, Bulgaria
Who are we?
Formed in 2006, accounting office EUROCONSULT - MARCHEVA LTD is a well respected accounting company located in Varna, Bulgaria. Our practice has developed considerably over the years by providing a wide range of services demanded by today's business. So whether you would like an advice on saving tax or social security payments, tax audit protection, information on latest legislation development and timely reaction you can be sure that Accounting office EUROCONSULT - MARCHEVA LTD will be able to help you.
What is our focus?
Our aim is to find the best tax strategy and planning for your business. You will be supported by a dedicated team of professionals who have a reputation for delivering quality service with a personal clients' approach. We know our clients.

We work to save their time, worries and money. We strongly believe in cost efficient way of doing our business.
What can you expect from us?
You can always expect a professional advice and timely consultations.

We are flexible in our approach and we are able to find a solution to your specific needs. The way we do our business is the way we find proper services to our respected customers.

Our approach to advice will enable you to reap the benefits of having your accountant under the same roof as an independent legal adviser, tax consultant and auditor. Clients have found that they can relax in the knowledge that they are limiting the exposure of confidential information.

You can expect correct attitude and confidentiality!
The accounting services we offer you in Sofia, Bulgaria
At first place our company offers an individual approach to every client. We consider that accounting service that we offer you is on a very high level. But we don't stop to aim at more qualitative and cheap services. We do our best; to save the lowest prices and to attract more and more clients who of course are supposed to be satisfied with our services.

We offer you a great variety of individual, as well as group, services. The standard pack of accounting services includes:

- monthly processing of documents
- monthly informing the manager for main indexes that displays the status of the firm
- placing additional information at your disposal (at your choice)
- preparation of wanted documents which refer to the tax administration, National Insurance Institution (NII), National Statistic Institution (NSI) and other institutions (and private ones in that number)
- preparation and presentation of notification for labour contracts
- ensuring needed contacts to tax administration, NII, NSI and other institutions
- presentation of documents in above-mentioned institutions- our aim is the clients to bring to zero their contacts with state administration
- preparation of documents for disbursing with tax administration and NII
- annual accounting and tax finish
- preparation and placing annual tax declarations
- tax protection and consultations
- and other

Except the standard pack of accounting services we offer additionally

- visitation of clients
- service of bank accounts
- and other

We can offer you a leading of accounting at your place with specially selected staff, too. As well as subscriptional control over accounting and tax report; consultation; individual services- depend on your needs.

Prices for accounting services
Type of clients
For firms who deal only with services
For firms who deal with trade and services
For firms who deal with production
Fetch and carry documents from client's office
Presentation of verifications, declarations, etc.
Firms with not more than 40 doc. monthly (VAT unregistered)
70 €
80 €
100 €
15 €
Firms with documents 41 to 80 doc. monthly (VAT unregistered)
80 €
90 €
110 €
15 €
Firms with 81 to 120 doc. monthly (VAT unregistered)
90 €
100 €
120 €
15 €
Firms with more than 121 doc. (VAT unregistered)
by agreement
by agreement
by agreement
15 €
Firms with not more than 40 doc. monthly (VAT registered)
140 €
170 €
200 €
15 €
Firms with 41 to 80 doc. monthly (VAT registered)
170 €
200 €
230 €
15 €
Firms with 81 to 120 doc. monthly (VAT registered)
200 €
230 €
260 €
15 €
Firms with more than 121 doc. monthly (VAT registered)
by agreement
by agreement
by agreement
15 €

These prices are for staff who includes not more than 5 people. For larger staff we make the following rise:
Number of people
Rise of the standard price
5-10 people
20 €
10-20 people
40 €
20-50 people
60 €
Over 50 people
by agreement

- consultations of people who are not our clients- 25€/hour
- preparing of tax declarations for people who are not our clients- 50€ per declaration

1. "Document"("doc.") is an accounting operation (complex or simple) reporting economical consequences
2. "Staff" - person/people who is insured by the employer as it is pointed in the labour code
3. V&M Company Ltd. reserves the right to conclude an agreement in different from the above-mentioned prices

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